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What is Study Visa?

A student visa is a document or permit that allows you to visit a country to get education at your desired institution for a limited period. To be able to acquire a student visa, you need to possess specific qualification and reach the benchmark laid by the respective immigration office of the particular country. Be it securing evidence for funds, motivation to return, study and more. As study visa consultants, it is our responsibility to help you present your profile in the best manner to get your student visa.

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Study Visa Intakes

Know about the intakes of different countries


Fall intake – September
Winter intake – January
Spring intake – May


Semester I: Belatedly February/early March to belatedly May/early June
Semester II: Belatedly July/early August to November

The UK

Fall intake – September/October
Winter intake – January/February

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Study Visa Consultants

To study in Canada, you must have

Secure admission to a recognized university.
Demonstrate sufficient funds to cover your tuition fees and living expenses for both yourself and your family.
Provide evidence of financial support for your family’s return journey as well as your own.
Obtain a certificate from the police indicating a clean criminal record.
Maintain good health and undergo a medical examination if necessary.
Assure that you have plans to leave Canada once your Study Permit expires.

To study in Australia, you must fulfill the following requirements:

Enroll in a full-time course at an Australian university.
Provide evidence of being a Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE).
Present a certificate confirming your good health.
Furnish a certificate attesting to your good character.
Submit your passport and any additional required documents.

For studying in Germany, you will need to complete the following prerequisites:

Ensure you have your passport and all necessary documents for the visa application.
Provide proof of financial stability.
Demonstrate enrollment at a German university.
Present evidence of your prior educational qualifications.
Obtain health insurance coverage.
If required, pass the HZB (Entrance Qualification Exam).
Show a certificate of proficiency in either the German or English language.

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What to prepare

To obtain a Study Visa, you should assemble the following necessary documents:

A valid passport.
Proof of being a legitimate student.
Receipts for payments made to the university.
Educational certificates and transcripts.
Evidence of financial support.
Bank statement confirming your financial capacity.
Loan approval letter (if applicable).
Scholarship offer letters.
Affidavit of financial support.
Language proficiency test results.
EPF/GPF (Employee Provident Fund/General Provident Fund) statement.
Property evaluation report.
Certificate from a Chartered Accountant (CA).
Loan eligibility certificate.
Correspondence from the bank.

To apply for a Canada Study Visa, follow these steps and prepare the necessary documents:

Obtain the Letter of Acceptance from the Canadian University.
Review the Student Visa requirements on the IRCC website.
Complete the online application on the IRCC website.
Choose to submit your documents either online or offline.
Submit your application letter.
Provide evidence of sufficient financial resources.
Furnish documents confirming a clean criminal record.
Present medical examination reports and health insurance documentation.
Organize all the required documents for the Canada Study Visa application.
Demonstrate proficiency in the English language.
Provide biometrics at the Visa Application Centre (VAC).
Make the necessary application fee payment at the VAC.
Attend the Visa interview.
Wait for the processing of your Visa application.

The cost of a Student Visa varies depending on the country:

Studying in the UK:

General Student Visa application fee: £348
Short-term Student Visa application fee for 6 months: £97
Short-term Student Visa application fee for 11 months: £186

Studying in Canada:

The application cost for a Canada Study Visa is CAD 150.

Studying in Australia:

The application fee for an Australia Student Visa is AUD 620.

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